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GTNM – Introduction to Bakemasters

Hubby is a great public speaker – he even went to the European humorous speech contest finals representing Belgium, France, and Luxembourg. Part of the reason he’s so good is that he works hard and practises, and one of the ways he practises is by participating in one of the local Toastmasters clubs. (This year he’s his club president -I’m so proud =D) Anyway, every first and third Tuesday of the month he spends the evening with his club. When he first started I would stay home and catch up on TV or read my favourite blogs, but eventually I decided to take advantage of the situation and so once a month I invite a bunch of girls for an evening of sugar and games. Sometimes we take on a baking challenge, sometimes a decorating one, sometimes just an eating one =p One time hubby joked that while he was off doing Toastmasters, I was home doing Bakemasters, and again the name stuck. Here’s a review of Bakemasters 2011:


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