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GTKM – 2012 DIY projects so far, electricity

As I mentioned in a previous GTKM (Get to know me) post, last year I took my first DIY course – DIY for Klutzes. I definitely felt better for taking it, but it also showed me all that I didn’t know. So I started looking for courses I could take in 2012 and I discovered on a hidden part of our local hardware store’s website that they offer courses in electricity, plumbing, decoration, and wood. I tried to sign-up, but they were full so I put a note in my calendar to sign up in the Fall and low and behold I got in for their 2012 Winter term classes (electricity and plumbing – this time in French). Each class is 2 Saturdays long (each Sat is 9am-6pm) and costs 50 euros. In my mind well worth the money.

The electricity class was in January. It was a class of 15 people with just enough theory and plenty of hands-on. The instructor was friendly and helpful. And we even took a field trip to the local hardware store so that we’d know where to find things for our next home repair. If you’re in Belgium and interested at all in DIY, I’d totally recommend it. Check out one of our assignments:

The class came just in time, because during my wallpaper extravaganza (I’m almost done with the upstairs, whohoo!), the temperamental dimmer switch in the living room decided to give up the ghost. Previously that would have meant calling out an electrician and paying at least 100 euros. This time it meant buying a new switch and pulling out my tools. Check it out…

So, if you’re keeping score:

price to call out an electrician = at least 100€ and a long wait


price to to do it myself = 50€ course + 12€ part (and I get to keep the knowledge to reuse on other projects=p) WINNER

The plumbing course is in April. If it’s as good as the electricity course, then look out pipes, here I come. Either way I’ll be sure to take pictures and let you know. What about you? Are you learning anything new in home improvement? Is there an area where you’d love to take a course? Leave a comment and let me know =)

4 comments on “GTKM – 2012 DIY projects so far, electricity

  1. Patty
    March 9, 2012

    I’m definitely signing up myself!

    • Jessi
      March 9, 2012

      Yay =) Be sure to get in early – classes fill up fast. I think registration is open now for the September set.

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