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GTNM – 2012 DIY projects so far: wallpaper

Our house has an unusual layout. The ground floor has 2 bedrooms, the middle floor has the living room/kitchen/etc, and the top floor is a separate apartment – kinda like a granny flat. When it was originally built by the previous owners, the idea was that they’d rent the top floor while they paid off the house and then they’d turn it into a bedroom floor and fill the house with kids.

Well, they say all is fair in love and war, but… During WWII the husband, who fancied himself a bit of an artist, fled to Spain and spent the war painting beautiful seascapes. He left his wife (the old lady from whom hubby bought the house) in Brussels to hold down the fort. Needless to say, they didn’t really get along after that and so post war (yes, she stayed with him) they only ever had one child and always rented the top floor apartment.

Enter hubby, who followed the same plan, renting out the apartment (mostly to friends) to help pay off the house in the early years. The last tenant (our good friends Marty & De) moved out in September and we’re now planning the renovation to make the apartment the bedroom part of the house. The first step: wallpaper, or rather the removing of it – my first big DIY project of 2012:


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