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Batibouw is well… enormous and overwhelming. Brussels has a giant expo center, which they use for informational fairs of one sort or another. One of the annual fairs is Batibouw – the word comes from the combination of “batir” (to build in French) and “bouwen” (to build in Dutch). It brings together vendors from all things having to do with building. If you’re planning house renovations in Belgium, then this is a great place to start, but it can be intense. They have a giant range of things, spread over 12 halls – it took me almost two hours just to walk from one end to the other end (and I skipped a bunch of rows and one entire hall)! Come on, I’ll show you:

Fully overwhelmed, but happy I headed home to process the information.

I gathered a bunch of brochures and even a couple of sample tiles to look over and get ideas for our next round of renovations.

This was my first trip to Batibouw and I’m really glad I went. I’ve found all sorts of useful information and ideas for my next projects, but I also learned something – when going to giant expo center, have a PLAN!



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