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Life lessons from wallpaper

Check, crossed off, done… I’ve finished my latest wallpaper project, and it only took a bit more than 2 months! So where does that leave us on the wallpaper score card you ask? Well…

Ground Floor: Bedroom, Gym, Hallway

First Floor: WC (Toilet, bathroom, whatever), dining room, living room (one massive space)

Second Floor Apartment: Small bedroom, Living room, Big bedroom

I think that means that with the completion of my third wallpaper project, I’m now more than half way done. Yay! This was my longest wallpaper project yet. The others were definitely sprint projects: the wc is small and  the gym and dining room each only had one wall papered. All three of these projects were finished in a day or two (start to finish, including washing and making necessary wall repairs). But this, this was more of a marathon wallpaper experience. I couldn’t just go all out or I’d be left with sore shoulders, bruises on my shins (from standing on the ladder) and no energy or motivation to continue. Instead I had to set a pace that I could keep up day after day, while still maintaing house maintenance tasks and other smaller projects. Sometimes (like when I discovered that the living room had two evil layers of vinyl, seriously stuck on wallpaper) it seemed like I was making no progress at all and that I’d never finished. But I learned some things from my wallpaper marathon: 1. Patience and persistence will eventually win. 2 Every little counts and adds up. 3. Progress, not perfection, is what matters.

In essence, that’s really the same thing repeated 3 times. But the point is this- when I couldn’t see the end in sight, wanted to throw my scraper tool up against the wall, or discovered yet another layer of paper, I took a deep breath, put the music up louder and reminded myself that every bit of paper I scraped was a bit of paper that was no longer on the wall. I learned to embrace progress and allow myself breaks. And towards the very end of my marathon, I uncovered this:

It was like it was meant to be =p

Now if only I can take those lessons on to new projects. Stay tuned I’ll be posting about those later on in the week =)

4 comments on “Life lessons from wallpaper

  1. Julie R
    March 13, 2012

    YAY for finished wallpaper projects! And for such a cool find. Way to persevere and overcome all those layers or super stuck-on wallpaper!

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