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Getting Started on the Garden

It would figure that as soon as I get started on outdoor projects, the temperature would fall again. Still I managed to get the beginning of my gardening projects in this week. (In case you missed it, my 2012 garden plans and dreams,) I started by planting my seeds. I used the egg carton trick and set them by the basement window to capture the sun. Then I planted the plum tree. It looks so tiny next to the old pear tree. I’ve got my fingers crossed for baskets of plums =). Next I moved the old raised beds to the right side border. I like them there, but I’m not done yet. I think I need to get one more for the last third, and then I’ll cover around them with wood chips. Inspired by all that, I cleared off the patio bit to prepare it for the new raised beds (which hopefully I’ll build once the weather decides to cooperate). I also mowed the lawn for the first time this year. It was nice to be outside again and to appreciate all the work that De and I did last year. (De, if you’re reading this, you rock!) Check out the progress…

First a refresher of the plan…

Now hopefully I'll get those beds built before these guys are ready to plant - fingers crossed for good weather =)


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