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The Biggest Easter Egg Hunt Ever!!!

Happy Easter everybody!!! HE IS RISEN. =)

Today Brussels is going for a record, a world record,  a world record for the Guinness Book of World Records! Do you know what that record is?! If you read the title of this post, than you probably do… Brussels is going for the record of the biggest Easter Egg Hunt EVER! They plan to hide over 600,000 eggs and hope for 30,000 kids (and kids at heart) to come and find them. The current record is held by the United States, where in 2007, 501,000 eggs were hidden and “hunted” by 9753 kids. Basically Brussels is hoping to blow that number out of the water. It’s all part of a year long festival called Brusselicious (and no I’m not making that up) whose goal it is to highlight and celebrate the food and culture of Brussels. If you happen to be in Brussels and want to come and take part in the record, check out the locations and possibilities at the link above. And if you’re not, I still hope that you get an awesome Easter Egg hunt, because who ever said that kids should get all the chocolate?! =p

Hubby and I are planning a pre-record hunt of our own. Check out the loot…

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