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Brussels is a great place for foodies. It’s the land of chocolate, chips (French Fries – the soldiers got it wrong. The French people after which they thought they were naming these wonderful fried potato sticks were actually Belgian… oops), beer, and mussels (and also the Muscle from Brussels, but that’s another story). When I moved to Brussels, I joked that it was for the chocolate. This year Brussels is celebrating its foodie credentials. It’s proclaiming loud and proud that Brussels is Brusselicious!  My city’s too booylicious for you baby =p (A little Destiny’s Child anyone?)

Part of the Brusselicious festival included the Biggest Easter Egg Hunt ever!!! And we succeeded. The record is ours. 600,000 eggs, beat that, whohoo! But there’s also fun stuff like a gourmet tram ride, a meal in the sky, and a french fry walk. Check out the top ten attractions by the Telegraph.

One last thing, an art element. Statues of Brussels’s food stars popping up around the city. Giant sized candy bar anyone? =p…


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