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Temptation Tuesdays

Welcome back to Temptation Tuesdays. This past week was kinda crazy. My mom came to visit and we went on a road trip to the UK. It was great fun, but didn’t leave much time for baking. I did however treat her with this quinoa recipe from Iowa Girl Eats. They’re like mini quiches, but better. I did them with spinach, instead of zucchini – a much tastier vegetable =p

Foodie posts this week on Doctorate Housewife:

Brusselicious: Celebrating the foodie side of Brussels. Planning a trip in 2012? Check out what we have to offer =)

What does 65 calories looks like: Nutrition post – getting the most out of your calories…

Most viewed edible entry (post about food):

Cookie Sticks

Tempting tidbits from other blogs:

Pan Fried Pizza (New York Times): The NY Times had a whole special section on pizza this week. This recipe looked particularly fun!

Dipping Bread (In Katrina’s Kitchen): I love my bread. And this one looks super.

Rolo S’mores Skillet Monkey Bread (Picky Pallet): Monkey bread is on this year’s baking to-do list. This one looks perfectly over the top =)


2 comments on “Temptation Tuesdays

  1. Baba Kwabena Abudu
    May 5, 2012

    Howdy! I discovered your site and I have to say I really like your site!! I will be back soon to read more. 🙂

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