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This morning Bakemasters did something a little different… we participated in a 6k. You see, just after New Year one of the girls told me she had a resolution -she wanted to run. Since I started running last year she decided to ask my advice. After babbling excitedly about shoes, training programmes, and online gadgets, I realised what you really need to get started is a goal. And before she knew it, this Bakemaster was caught up in my organisational whirlwind.

Inspired by Caitlin over at Healthy Tipping Point and her involvement with the Girls on the Run Projects, I started looking for a 5k.(This program gets elementary school girls and gets them to train for a 5k. In the process they gain the confidence to try new things and lead a healthy lifestyle for themselves. Caitlin coaches one of these teams – even now while pregnant!) I settled on the beautiful and well-organised Woluwe 6k.

The two of us signed up, and kept our goal to ourselves. But then another Bakemaster starting talking about her couch to 5k plans and we knew we had to share. Before long, positive peer pressure took over and we had a team of 6. Sadly an illness took us down to 5 and this morning a delayed train brought us to 4. But Team Bakemasters triumphed – we conquered the 6k =) Check it out:

The race started through a lovely park, hit bits of the Brussels green belt, and even passed this beautiful old windmill.

As I neared the home stretch, I got the greatest boost. Hubby was standing by the end waving and smiling. He cheered me on and I sprinted to the finish with the biggest smile on my face. I grabbed my banana, water, and OJ from the really friendly race volunteers and joined hubby to cheer in the others. We all hit the goal: we all signed up; we all trained; and we all FINISHED!

To celebrate, hubby brought us to this great restaurant. If you’re in Brussels, definitely check out The Open. I had my favourite, a local dish:

With confidence boosted from the race, I dared do something I normally wouldn’t – I ate what I wanted then asked for a doggie bag. Normally it’s just not done here and I end up eating more than I want because I don’t want to see the yummy food wasted. It’s a little thing, but having stepped outside my comfort zone in organising the running, I decided to give it a go. This ended up having 2 great benefits. One I didn’t feel so full I could burst all afternoon (like I normally do when I get stoemp), and two I got to enjoy it again at dinner. On a side note, this really is one of my favourite dishes – stay tuned for a recipe as I try to make it at home…

Anyway, back to the main event – Bakemasters, a monthly dessert and games night has evolved into encouraging each other to take on challenges and live a healthier lifestyle. Now that we’ve done the 6k, we’re planning to take on a marathon – as a team (Brussels Ekiden). And it all started because someone dared share her resolution. That someone, by the way, is Patty. (She blogs over at A Tale of Three Cities. If you like books even a tiny bit, she’ll inspire you to get reading. She writes great reviews that both transport you to the fictional worlds on her reading journey and get you to think about how those worlds relate to our own.)

What steps are you taking outside your comfort zone? What healthy lifestyle challenge have you been waiting to try? Nike is right – Just do it! (and bring a friend) =p


5 comments on “Bakemasters

  1. Patty
    April 30, 2012

    But nothing would have happened without a mentor (hint: it’s you!)

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