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Bakemasters Goes Mexican

Cinco de Mayo Fiesta time – basically an excuse to eat yummy Mexican food and chat, but still. This month Bakemasters did something very VERY unusual: we focused on the dinner and let the sweet stuff be an afterthought (although, that doesn’t mean that I remembered to take a picture of the savoury Mexican goodies – oops).

Anyway, I’m sure you can pictures it. Imaginations ready?!… We had tortilla chips & salsa, homemade guacamole & veggies, cheese quesadillas, and corn bread – yum!

Then came dessert, because even if we had a decent meal, we weren’t going to skip the sweets completely. We had caramel flan and tres leches cake with a Belgian or rather Jessi touch – speculoos white chocolate frosting =p (look out for the recipe post).

If you’re interested in having your own Mexican night, here are some recipes I can recommend:

Plus check out Cinco de Mayo recipe round-ups on Brown Eyed Baker and What’s Cookin Chicago?

And, the big news from Bakemasters?… We’ve officially signed up for another running event – the Brussels Ekiden (relay marathon), whohoo! Go Team Bakemasters =D

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