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Forgotten Vegetables

Did you know that a couple hundred years ago our ancestors would have been familiar with hundreds of varieties of fruits and vegetables? Large farming and industrialisation have changed all that, so that now most of us are only aware of a couple dozen. Quick – stop and think, how many vegetables can you name in 30 seconds? Well, since it’s good to occasionally get out of your comfort zone, I picked up some “forgotten vegetables” at the supermarket this week that I thought I’d share with you.

That’s right, they’re carrots! I saw them and I was intrigued. It turns out that the garden variety orange carrot didn’t appear till the 17th century in The Netherlands, where they were (supposedly) bred for King William of Orange. Before then Europe’s carrots looked more like these. Not sure how they would turn out I prepared them three ways:

They’re good, if a little odd. The yellow ones taste slightly of parsnip, the purple ones have hints of beet, but mostly they taste and act like carrots. And so they’re perfect for dressing up a summer salad or making a veggie plate extra special. Just one word of warning…

Be sure to wear your apron and wash your hands. That’s some serious dark purple!

What forgotten veggies have you tried lately? =)


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