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Can Eating Well Protect You From Pollution?


It seems it can. In an article published by the Environmental Health Perspectives, the authors suggest that what you eat serves as either a help or hinderance to the detrimental effects of pollution on the body. So if you’re eating junk, the harmful effects of pollution can be exacerbated. But the good news is, that if you’re eating a diet full of healthy fats, fruits, and veggies, the harmful effects of pollution can be greatly reduced. Scientists don’t yet completely understand the mechanism and further studies are needed to confirm and explain the effect, but in the meantime it seems that getting your five a day is the safe bet. Not only that, but it’ll reduce your risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and make you feel better. I think I should head to the fruit bowl now. Until next time…

PS I tried a 20 minute nap this morning. So far I don’t feel more energised, but the experiment continues. Anybody have much success with naps? Any tips? Leave a comment and help a sleepy girl out! =)


4 comments on “Can Eating Well Protect You From Pollution?

  1. myhealthyohana
    June 21, 2012

    I’m going to go eat cantaloupe for breakfast now 🙂

    No success for me with the naps. I took one in the afternoon yesterday during my daughter’s nap, but I think it was too late in the day (3:45 pm) b/c it interfered with my nighttime sleep!

    • Jessi
      June 21, 2012

      grrr. It’s supposed to be so great and restorative. I wonder if we’re doing it wrong.

  2. Patty
    June 21, 2012

    I’m a master ofthe 10min naps – I once even had a nap while the hairdresser was washing my hair…

    • Jessi
      June 21, 2012

      Wow, how do you do that?!

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