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Exploring the Green Belt

Well, we might not be getting a traditional summer. There hasn’t been much sun; there has plenty of rain; and the temperatures have stayed pretty mild. While the US is getting a massive heat wave, we have highs of 18C (64F). That might not be any good for hitting the beach, but it’s perfect for a good bike ride. I rode my bike all the time when I was a kid. To those without a driver’s license it meant freedom. But since I’ve gotten that license, the bike has kinda fallen out of fashion. That is, until I knew I had a Green Belt to explore.

You may remember that hubby and I have recently acquired bikes and that I recently acquired a little bit of bike knowledge. My friend Naomi is back from university. So the time was ripe to do some exploring. I’ve been hoping to get around the Green Belt for ages. So…. we did (at least the southern part)! Yay for crossing something off the Summer Bucket List =)

The Green Belt is divided into 7 sections, each between 5-10km, and each with it’s own special feel. We didn’t really intend to do the whole southern swathe, but it was so pretty and so diverse, that we just kept going. By the time we decided to stop for lunch, we were already past the half way mark so we went for it, for a total of 29km (18miles)!!!

The first step was getting to our starting point, which involved another first for me – taking the bikes on the metro. Note to self – bikes and stairs don’t mix, moving on… Our trail started half way through the Woluwe Valley section, at the Hermann-Debroux metro stop. Here are some of the sites we saw along the way (pictures from this brochure – I was a bad blogger and didn’t take too many of my own. Still new to the bike, I was concentrating too hard to remember the pictures, next time – there’s plenty left to conquer.)

From the metro we biked through some well manicured city parks and then headed into the forest, which would be the majority of the next section.

Half way through the Forest Section, the trail deviated because of road works. It was really cute actually. They put up lots of little detour signs which took us through a stunning residential section of Brussels and then rejoined the trail. At this point (about 8 miles in) we started to get hungry, so we stopped at the next available park. We seriously lucked out. Not only did it have bike parking and a dry picnic table, it also had a playground with an awesome pirate ship!!

After lunch, we passed through more city parks, a couple of forest trails, and some more unexpected sites, like these two:

We also hit a couple more detours, but these were less well signed and we ended up doing a few extra km, ok maybe 6 or 7 – oops. It was good for our health and largely next to this awesome canal.

Once we realised our mistake, we turned around (this time going with the wind – woot!) and found our last landmark, the giant IKEA. From there we broke off the path and grabbed the metro for the ride home. It was an awesome day! And now I can’t wait to do it again.

Biking the entire Green Belt wasn’t on my original 2012 list of fitness goals, but now that I’ve started, I definitely want to finish. I’ve checked the map and divided the northern swathe into two parts (it’s bigger). I hear it has windmills and a giant atom. Now all that’s left is to set a date =)

Have you had any fun fitness adventures recently? Leave a comment and let me know.


2 comments on “Exploring the Green Belt

  1. Jenny
    July 16, 2012

    That sounds like a lot of fun!

    • Jessi
      July 16, 2012

      It was – even more so than I had hoped!!

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