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And the winner is…

Thanks to everybody that participated in last week’s slow cooker giveaway! Slimkicker has checked out your challenges and picked out a winner. The awesome slow cooker goes to Cynthia, who said:

Hmm.. so my idea for a slimkicker challenge is to give up coffee for a week or even a month if you want. Coffee may not be as bad as soda, but too many ppl rely on it everyday, when we should strive for “natural” ways to feel awake like exercising or sleeping more.

Congratulations Cynthia! Here’s hoping your challenge is going well =) If you’re looking for fun ways to use your new toy, here are some great slow cooker tips and some awesome slow cooker recipes. Thanks again to everybody for making my first giveaway such a success. Now go out there and meet your challenges! I’m going to go “lace up my sneakers” to try and meet mine. What challenge is driving you?


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