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Bakemasters Cake Olympics

Olympic fever has begun. After an explosive Opening Ceremony last night, the competition is in full force this morning. Hubby and I are sat in front of the TV to do something we NEVER do – watch sports (or sport if you’re watching the BBC coverage). To help get us into the spirit, this month’s Bakemasters gathering was Cake Olympics.

(I always use for my invitations – it’s awesome!)

Cakeletes participating in cupcake hurtles, synchonised icing, and cake ball stunned the crowds. But this year the cake-athalon was the event to watch. Here’s your Cake Olympic recap.

No olympian goes into competition without careful training, and these cakeletes are no exception. In strict preparation for this year’s games, members of the Bakemasters team have participated in cake ball trialsrice treat gymnastics, ice cream spoon lifting,  and the peanut butter chocolate marathon. They even did some acculturation work to be sure they’d be ready for the other teams. While it’s certainly important for the cakeletes to prepare, the olympic organisers have to be on their game as well. The Brussels Cake Stadium was lucky enough to win it’s Cakelympic bid. They furiously prepared and were rewarded with a seamlessly executed competition.

And now to the main event, the cake-athalon. The first event of the cake-athalon is the cupcake challenge. Teams were given 10 minutes to design and create their cupcakes, which served as the team flag for the remainder of the competition. Here are our two Bakemasters teams in action:

And the final products, both teams pleased with their performance to this point:

Moving on to the next event – the cake puzzle medley. This is a real mental challenge for our cakeletes. They have be sure to keep their focus and not get distracted by the sugar high that’s starting to hit at this point. Team 1 drew the flourless chocolate cake and the fish pattern for this event, while team 2 was lucky enough to draw the cute doggie and the speculoos cake (recipe post to follow). Both teams put in an amazing effort.

The third and final event of the cake-athalon is the cakeball gymnastics. Here our cakeletes had to draw on their left over reserves of cake and frosting from the cake puzzle medley to demonstrate to the judges that they’ve mastered the grace, form, and technique required of champions. Team 2 really made their move in this event with flawlessly executed forms of the highest difficulty level. They created a 4 point star, the airplane, and the princess. Both teams attempted the snail, but here too, team 2 scored with their precision. (Sadly these yummy cake balls were eaten before they could be photographed) In the end both Bakemasters teams did their dessert nation proud. That’s all for these Summer Games, but this commentator is eagerly looking forward to what the winter games have in store for us. And now back to the BBC for the other Olympic Games…

But before we do, today is National Chocolate Milk Day. Did you know that low fat chocolate milk makes for an ideal recovery drink? It has the perfect mix of salts and sugars to replenish your body after a hard run. And it’s chocolate – does it get any better?! Check out the science behind refueling with the chocolate milk campaign. It’s no joke, there are some serious athletes involved. Now, go let those olympians inspire you to lace up your sneakers (anything for chocolate milk =p)


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