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My healthy living August Challenge

Welcome to August. I can’t believe we’re here already, more than half way through 2012, ahhh! As always, a new month means time to assess the previous month and get started on some new goals. In July, I was inspired by SlimKicker to give myself some healthy living challenges. Knowing what I do about how habits are formed, I knew it was best to focus on one challenge at a time and so I went for “lace up my sneakers everyday”. That didn’t mean a full out 5 mile run everyday, but that everyday I had to log at least 10 minutes of exercise – anything from yoga or pilates to running.

bonus points for getting other people to go with you =)


Well, I’m happy to report that I did pretty well. I didn’t get a tick (check) for every day, but I did manage 25. 25 out of 31 isn’t bad, but this month I want to do better with my new challenge. Of course I’m going to keep exercising, but lacing up my sneakers is steadily becoming a habit, so I’ve decided to start a new challenge. And since making a challenge public increases the chances of success, here it is – my healthy living challenge for August is 31 days of “no seconds”. “No seconds” is a pretty simple idea – it just means no second helpings.

Most of the time I eat pretty well. I love my fruit and whole grains. And after my March healthy living challenge of at least 2 vegetables with each meal (minus breakfast) I’m a lot better at getting my plate to look more like it should.

Where I fall down tends to be my massive sweet tooth, which given my love for baking must be tamed. Enter August’s healthy living challenge. I can have the treats that I make, but I have to stop at one! Having just one cookie is hard, but what fun would a challenge be if it were easy. So here goes, day 1 – so far so good. 30 days to go to making this a habit.

Have a new goal, fun challenge for August? Share it with me in the comments and we can encourage each other =D

Oh and big news:

I’m featured in today’s Top 9 with my Bakemasters Cake Olympics post! Thanks


7 comments on “My healthy living August Challenge

  1. Patty
    August 1, 2012

    Way to go Jessi! Can’t wait to start your last month’s challenge for when I get back!

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