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Temptation Tuesdays

First Tuesday in August and the Olympics are in full swing. Hubby and I have been enjoying watching the different events and getting inspired to get our own butts of the couch and get moving. Has the Olympics been inspiring you? Why not make a Healthy Living Challenge for August to capitalise on the momentum. Before I get off the couch and get moving, here’s a round up of what’s been going on here this week at Doctorate Housewife and some of my favourite picks from around the web. Thanks for reading!!

Foodie posts this week on Doctorate Housewife:

Honey Mustard Chicken: A simple healthy meal that’s easy to prepare and tastes delicious.

My Favourite Biscuit Recipes: Who doesn’t love bread?! These are quick and easy and make an awesome side to almost any meal.

Honey Whole Wheat Oat Bread: Another experiment into loaf breads. This one is dense, delicious, and full of whole grain goodness!

Most viewed edible entry (post about food):

Biscoff Caramelita Bars: pure heaven – an awesome blend of caramel, oatmeal cookies, and speculoos.

Tempting tidbits from other blogs:

Mini Turkey Meat Loaves (Chocolate & Carrots): A ridiculously cute and healthier version of some good old fashioned comfort food. Definitely looking forward to trying these!

Snickerdoodle Krispie Treats with Cinnamon Frosting (Made by Mike): Love snickerdoodles, love rice krispie treats, love frosting – ‘nuf said!

Caramel Pretzel Cheesecake Brownies – Olympic Style (BruCrew life): Amazing over the top dessert to celebrate the last days of the Olympics =)


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