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A New Secret Ingredient

I promised you a new product and here it is. Drum roll please…

If you’ve been reading Doctorate Housewife for awhile then you know that I’m a big fan of speculoos (sold as Biscoff in the States). It’s great on it’s own, mixed with Nutella, or in any one of a dozen recipes. Just here on my own little blog, you’ve got Speculoos Nutella Ice cream, Speculoos Caramelita Bars, Speculoos Cake, No-bake Speculoos Cookies, Speculoos Caramel Chocolate Cake, Très Leches Cake with Speculoos Frosting, and Speculoos Brownie Cookie Dough Pie (which includes a recipe for my favourite ever cookies).

Lotus has been making Speculoos cookies in Belgium since 1932 (though the recipe is a traditional one made long before that). The spread however was only invented in 2007. Since then speculoos and speculoos themed products have exploded in Belgium. There have been ice creams (and yeah, they’re amazing), chocolates, cakes and more. Well, on my last trip to the grocery store I found a new one on the shelves – Choco Speculoos Spread! I was sceptical because when I’ve had other speculoos/chocolate combinations they’ve failed to live up to expectations. Last year Côte d’Or made a chocolate speculoos bar it was really disappointing. I don’t know how they managed it really. Because if you crunch up speculoos cookies, pour melted milk chocolate on top, and let it harden, that’s amazing. But this didn’t work at all – maybe they used inferior speculoos… I digress. I’ve also tried speculoos cream filled chocolates from artisanal chocolate shops and been really disappointed. Again maybe inferior speculoos. Anyway, you can see why I was sceptical. I should have known better. I should have trusted Lotus, because WOW!

This weekend my in-laws came with their 12 year old goddaughter Rachel. And we decided to make cookies – choco speculoos cookies! (using my favourite speculoos cookie recipe) They were great! Now it’s your turn. Get yourself a jar of biscoff or speculoos spread, pick a recipe and dig in. You won’t regret it =)

Some of my favourites from around the web:



3 comments on “A New Secret Ingredient

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  2. Joanne Cloutier
    July 21, 2014

    Thank you I was looking for recipes using Speculos spread before I finish eating the jar spoonful by spoonful 🙂

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