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Fixing the gutters and insulating the bay window roof

And this next wave of renovations continues. Here’s what’s been going on chez nous:

So when TDS, the company that did our driveway, said they had a roof guy and proposed to fix it, we jumped at the chance. While he was up there, he checked on the tiles and made sure the wood joists were in good order. Hubby also had him look to see what the insulation situation looked like.

We were really happy with the job, so we had them look at the main roof, which also has no insulation. A couple of winters ago, the city went around with a helicopter and took a bunch of infrared pictures. Our roof stood out light a giant red beacon to outer space. We were losing way more heat than we thought, which I suppose explains our gas bill. Anyway, we’ve been looking for an opportunity to sort it out TDS’s knock on the door was just the push we needed. As you can imagine, it’s been crazy here, but I’ve been taking pictures and I’ll share the progress as it happens.

Any home improvement projects looming on your agenda? Leave a comment and share your story =)


4 comments on “Fixing the gutters and insulating the bay window roof

  1. myhealthyohana
    August 30, 2012

    Wow, that’s great that you were able to get that fixed, I’m sure it’ll make a difference in your gas bill this winter!

    I’m debating whether to build a planter bed. We just ordered a few Grow Boxes, which wick water from a reservoir on the bottom, so we’ll see how my plants do in those before I embark on the planter bed!

    • Jessi
      August 31, 2012

      Doing the windows last year made a HUGE difference to our gas bill, so I have my fingers crossed for this change too.

      Yay grow boxes! If you decide to do the planter beds, let me know. I did a bunch of research on them in the Spring and found some good DIY plans I can pass on. What are you going to grow?

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