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We’re going to be warm this winter!

Another week has gone by and they swear the roof is ALMOST done. I hoping, but not holding my breath. One thing I do know is that we’re going to be warm this winter. Check out our fancy now insulation- woot!



It’s a layer of Rockwool topped by a layer of hardened foam, topped with wood and then a water proof layer and then a final layer of felt (which is another waterproofing layer with a gravel like finish). I can’t wait to show you the final pictures and be done with the noise, dust, and flying humans (guys going up and down the scaffolding) for awhile.

Part of the whole roofing project for me is filling out forms. Brussels gives grants for home improvements that help the environment. Stuff like insulation work, new windows, and solar panel are subsidised by the government. It’s not loads, but every little bit helps. The catch (sadly) is forms, and lots of them! So while the roofers hammer away, I’ve been collecting documents and data (even doing math on heating values). But I’m happy to report that the dossier is almost complete. Just one more piece of information to track down. A tip if you’re looking to do renovations on your own house. Always, always check with the local, state, and federal government. It might be a pain, but you never know what grants are out there.

Here’s hoping that both the forms and the work will be done by next week! Anybody have any great tips on cleaning up brick dust?


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