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My November Healthy Living Challenge

Did you see that article I posted on my Facebook page (there’s a button to like it in my sidebar. do it – I post all sorts of fun extra goodies there! =D)? Well, it comes from Barking up the wrong tree – a great blog that reviews lots of fun and random scientific research. This particular post talks about recent studies that reveal even more great reasons to get your “5 a day”. It also includes this great image, which I just had to share:

I understand what Cookie Monster is saying. Though I love my fruit (It is one of my four favourite food groups: bread, fruit, cheese, and chocolate), most of the time, if the two are in front of me, I end up reaching for something that looks more like this:

(click on photo for post)

Barker’s post outlines the findings of a new study that says 7 servings of fruits & veg can reduce depression. 3 servings a day will give you a noticeable healthy glow and 3.3 servings a day are enough to get you rated higher on an attractiveness test by your peers. There’s no arguing with that. The fruit is definitely the better choice (sorry Cookie Monster). So, I’ve decided that my November Healthy Living Challenge is going to be to count my greens and be sure to get 5-7 servings a day! Mainly, my goal is all about trying to remember this:

Another thing I’ve posted to FB – don’t you want to “like” my page now?! =p

Now the report…

I’m sure you’re wondering how my October goals went. My October Challenge was “to get back on track”. It was a three pronged plan (those always work, right?!):

  • get back to “lacing up my sneakers” – at least 10 minutes of exercise every day
  • get back to “no seconds” – can eat anything I want, just no more than one serving
  • get back on track with my push-up plan

Well, here’s how it went:

  • 22 days of “lacing up my sneakers”. I was sick one day and had a migraine another, which leaves 7 days where I missed an opportunity to move =(
  • 27 days of “no seconds”, in which there is an awesome streak of 22 days – my best yet!
  • this one was really spotty, though I more than doubled my September record I still have more work to do.

I feel pretty good about the “no seconds”, but I know I can do better with the “lacing up my sneakers” and push-ups. I still have more work to do to train my brain into believing it’s worth it if I only have 10 minutes. Speaking of time, as a mental health goal for November I’m thinking of trying to take a look at my use of time à la 168 Hours, like Caitlin of Healthy Tipping Point did. I read the book over a year ago, but I think I still have a few lessons to learn.

What healthy living challenges/goals are you going to try in November?


7 comments on “My November Healthy Living Challenge

  1. Patty
    November 1, 2012

    I’m actually very interested in the book, as I’ve been having such questions myself! thanks for the tip!

    • Jessi
      November 1, 2012

      I’d really recommend it. It’s got great content and it’s well written too =)

  2. myhealthyohana
    November 1, 2012

    Great job in October!! It’s awesome that you are keeping track, so you can look back and be proud of your accomplishments 🙂 My goal for November is to get outside for walking/jogging at least 3 times a week (it’s getting easier and easier!)

    • Jessi
      November 1, 2012

      Thanks for the encouragement and well done you!! I find that keeping track really helps me to keep myself accountable and makes me smile looking back =)

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