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Dancing… and maybe running for food =)

Hello!  This is Melissa from Dancing For Food.  If you’re wondering about my blog’s name, it came from being a ballet dancer and dealing with the many food and body image issues that come with it.  Ballet consumed my life in a bad way and controlled my relationship with food far too much.  I eased away from ballet a couple years ago and since then have not only found a better relationship with it, but have also grown to love other fitness activities.

Jessi asked if I would write a fitness post while she was out of town, and I was more than happy to oblige!  I love fitness.  In fact, I pretty much live and breathe it.  If I could quit my job and work out for a living, I would do so in a heartbeat.  Being active is what keeps me sane.  Endorphins make you happy, you know!  When I have a day or a week that is especially stressful, I think about what my life would be like without exercise.  I shudder to think…

I think that the most important thing when trying to stay active is to find something that you enjoy.  For years (until I realized how much it was controlling me) ballet was my thing.  I lived and breathed it.

Ballet kept me active from the time I was 4 until I got engaged at age 25.  When I eased off, I was drawn to the Insanity workout program.  That lasted a few months, and then I found running.  Now?  Running is my drug.  I can do it virtually anywhere, anytime.  I don’t need a gym membership, it’s (almost) free, and you can get some really cute running clothes!

I still take ballet classes once a week, just often enough to feed the obsession.  See, even though ballet controlled my life in a bad way, there is such joy in dancing.  The freedom to move, the ability of the body to flow through the music, it’s amazing.  I love it.

But, it’s not always realistic to take ballet classes all the time as a working adult.  That’s where running comes in.  With running, you start small, running maybe a mile at a time.  Slowly but surely, you work your way up and before you know it you’re running a half marathon.  Talk about the ability of the human body!  Can you believe that a person’s body can withstand 13.1, 26.2, even 50+ mile runs?  Incredible!

And no, it’s not easy.  I will not lie – increasing your mileage from 1 to 13 is not easy. But see, that’s the beauty of it.  To accomplish a great physical feat like that makes you feel SO GOOD.  You think, “wow, did I really just do that?  Hmm, I wonder if I could run even farther…”

And so it goes.  You go on to run 4 half marathons in just over a year.

And register for your first full marathon.

It’s an addicting.  I fully believe that fitness is an addiction.  Knowing that you are keeping your body healthy and happy and functioning is better than any other addiction I can think of.  Except maybe chocolate…

Jessi here – A big thanks to Melissa for her guest post! I know I’ve been inspired, how about you? How has your fitness routine evolved over the year? Leave a comment and start the conversation =)

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