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December Healthy Living Challenge (and giveaway)

A new month means a new healthy living challenge and I know just what I want to challenge myself with this time. December means treats: Christmas cookies, boxes of chocolate, special traditional desserts, parties, mulled wine, and hot chocolate. And of course lots of my favourite flavour combinations come out to play: mint chocolate, peanut butter and chocolate, gingerbread.

mmmm peanut butter!

mmmm peanut butter! (click on photo for recipe)

The temptation is everywhere. Luckily I’ve been practising my “No Seconds” rule. Unfortunately though, all restraint seems to go out the window when I’m put in front of a treat that “I might not get again for a whole year”. Yup, the voice inside my head seems to go up an octave and says, “But you probably won’t see this kind of thing for another year. What’s the harm in having a second?” Well, the harm is this – once the “no seconds” line has been broken, it’s that much easier to convince myself to have thirds and fourths. And before you know it, I’ve decided that I’ll just do better tomorrow and stuff myself tonight.

Of course this isn’t without it’s consequences. There’s the holiday food coma, the sluggish feeling the next day, the difficulty sleeping as a result of the extra digestion. But scarier still, a single binge can also affect your insulin response.

I want to enjoy the holiday season- including my favourite foods, but I want to feel good and be healthy too. So, my December Healthy Living Challenge is to go through December binge-free. I’ve put this challenge on Challenge Loop so that you can join me and we can encourage each other as the Christmas cookies start to mount. Plus you could win an oil mister!!

Click Here to join the Binge-Free December Challenge*

*I’m working on a blog button to come out in the next couple of days if you join and want to shout it loud =)

And now, the accountability thing…

Let me tell you how I did with my November challenge. The plan was to try to make sure I was getting 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Well, it worked out pretty well. Most days I logged 6 or 7 different fruits or veggies – even when we were visiting the States. I definitely noticed a difference when I slipped up. I’m sure some of that was due to the dip in nutrients, but some of that was also due to what crowded it out – usually sweets. Doing this challenge highlighted where I really need the help – overeating on my favourite sweets. What can I say it’s all about palatability. And so the December challenge.

Now, what challenge is keeping you busy?

If you want to read about my other challenges…


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