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I Did It! 25 Pushups, woot woot!

I am very excited to announce that I did it! I finished my 25 pushups challenge. And it only took 43 weeks… I know that seems like a LONG time, but I wasn’t going for speed. As humans we’re constantly overestimating what we can do in the short term, BUT underestimating what we can do in the long term. I’m always happy with the CDC’s cardio fitness recommendations. I can do that, but I’m not a strength fan. Body-wise I’m all limbs, and so the cards are kinda stacked against me and it’s just NOT fun. So I set out a plan that I could do and keep doing, that I would be happy keeping up for my entire life (or at least for a very long time).

Line art drawing of push up.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the start I struggled to do 10 modified pushups (I hate calling them girl pushups – you know, the ones on your knees). But I did them every day for a week, then the next week I did 11, then 12, then 13, then 14. When I finally reached 25, I started switching them out, exchanging 1 normal pushup for 1 modified pushup and I learned normal pushups are a LOT harder. But I did it, working up slowly: 1 real pushup 24 modified, 2 real 23 modified. Some weeks were really hard and so I repeated them. And this week, this week I finally made it 25 real pushups!  I still need to work on my form a bit and there’s no doubt that number 24 and 25 are a bit of a stretch, but I did it! And more importantly I kept it up. And now I can tick off the CDC’s strength recommendations too. =D

I plan to keep doing the pushups most everyday, but I have a new challenge for myself. I told you about it a few weeks ago – my pull up challenge. Again, I’m not hoping for speedy results or a flash-in-the-pan. I’m hope for 2013 is to be able to do 1 pull up by the end of the year and to keep that up for a long time.

upside down pull up

And now you…

What do you think of strength training and fitness goals? Are you more cardio or weights?


2 comments on “I Did It! 25 Pushups, woot woot!

  1. Eleenie
    December 20, 2012

    Well done! Good luck with the pull ups challenge 🙂

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