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An Early Christmas Present – My Foodie PenPal Package


The other day I got a parcel in the mail. I love getting mail, which is really one of the reasons I love the FPP programme! My November pen pal had some stuff going on and had to delay sending her package. At first, I was disappointed not to post with the others, but this turned out to be much better! It was like an early Christmas present chock full of amazing goodies. Stephanie even included something for my cats!

As it’s already Christmas Eve  – where does the time go?! I thought I’d share it with you (sorry only had my phone camera with me)…


Chock full of good things. Seriously, I think it is the heaviest FPP package I’ve ever gotten.Image032

Just look at it all!Image033

There was even something for my cats.Image034

And something homemade that I know hubby will enjoy =pImage035

Of course chocolate (I love the single serving packs – perfect for a purse!)Image036

And Christmas tissues – I love festive things =)Image037

Oh, and more chocolate, yay! There was so much that I couldn’t get it back into the box. I don’t know how she did it the first time.Image038

Thanks Stephanie! And Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you find everything you hope for under the tree tomorrow =)

3 comments on “An Early Christmas Present – My Foodie PenPal Package

  1. AadiRohilla
    December 24, 2012

    Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year..God Bless You!!

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