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Guest Posting at Wine & Glue

Happy Boxing Day everybody!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you can continue to celebrate today with family and friends =) I’m sure that you are surrounded by a houseful (if not a city’s worth) of goodies and treats, but there are still 11 days left of Christmas, so go ahead and have one… or two (wink wink).

Today I’m posting one of my favourite treats from 2012 over at Wine & Glue. Lisa is the blogger over there. She’s super creative, both with the sweets and the crafts. Why not go over and visit =) And again Happy Boxing Day!



One comment on “Guest Posting at Wine & Glue

  1. gottagetbaked
    December 27, 2012

    Those are incredible cupcakes! I had to go check out your guest post as soon as I saw that droolworthy photo above. I can’t wait to make them. Happy holidays!

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