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Most Temptingist Tidbits – My Favourites Still to Try

temptation tuesday

I’ve had a lot of Tempting Tidbits in 2012. An average of three a week adds up quickly. Somehow I just haven’t found the time to test them all. I’ve tried a few that I love (check out my Tempting Tidbit Trials feature), but I really need to get on it. In that spirit, I’ve gone back through the posts and made a top ten list for you: The Most Tempting Tidbits of 2012!

As this is the first Temptation Tuesdays of 2013, I’m making a New Year’s Resolution (along with my other baking resolutions for 2013) – to try all these recipes by the end of the year. Shouldn’t be too hard right?! Without further delay (drum roll please), here they are –

The top ten Tempting Tidbits from 2012:

wpdip-1-2White Pizza Dip (How Sweet It Is): Let you remind you of my 4 food groups: bread, fruit, cheese, and chocolate. This one hits the spot in the cheese category like you wouldn’t believe and if you use a yummy soft pizza bread stick to do the dipping, well then you’ve hit half my food groups without even skipping a beat. Seriously this stuff looks deliciously dangerous!
Cookie Dough Fondue 5 titleCookie Dough Fondue (Crazy for Crust): This is a dream come true. Normally I’m a cheese and chocolate fondue girl, but for this I’m more than willing to make an exception!!!!
Mushroom Lasagna (Brown Eyed Baker): I love cheese, I love lasagna, I love mushrooms. I can’t wait to try this!
No-Bake Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites (Picky Palate): So yeah, Jenny stuffed goodies inside egg-less cookie dough. I’m speechless, speechless! I can’t wait to make (or more accurately, to taste) these!
Peach, Cinnamon, and Brown Butter Pull Apart Bread (Craving Chronicles): Because Summer will eventually come. Plus she has brilliant step by step photos, and this just looks delicious!
cookie-dough-billionaire-bars-2-550Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars (Brown Eyed Baker): shortbread, caramel, cookie dough, and chocolate. I didn’t you could improve on the billionaire bar. I was wrong!
6961536814_5961a3c7d8Classic Ice Cream Sandwiches (Smitten Kitchen): Who else ran outside all summer waiting for dusk, hoping to hear that wonderful bell. When the ice cream man finally did come, this is always the treat I would chose. And now I can make them at home – woot =)
chocolate-peanut-butter-tagalong-cake-bars-1Girl Scout Cookie Tagalong Bars (Kevin & Amanda): A wonderful cookie becomes a to-die-for cookie bar. The peanut butter chocolate combination is always too much for me to resist.
Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups (In Katrina’s Kitchen): There are two seasonal candies that have my heart. One is candy corn, the other is Cadbury Cream Eggs. This wonderful looking treat combines a soft chewy cookie with the gooey inner bit of the Cadbury egg – wow!
Pan Fried Pizza (New York Times): The NY Times had a whole special section on pizza this week. This recipe looked particularly fun!

And now your turn…

Which one is your favourite? Any recipes you just have to try in 2013?

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