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Temptation Tuesdays

Last week was my official start to the month. Yup, I have decided that the first 2 weeks simply don’t count. Between the mountain of laundry and unopened mail, a roof leak, a family visit, and sickness, it was more about catching up than starting something new. In that vein, I’ve decided to use all of January to get good and ready for 2013.  January is Get Organized month after all. So, I’m looking back and looking forward, and I’m trying to kick my both my body’s sleep clock and its food clock back into submission. Wish me luck! =p And now fun foodie stuff…

Foodie Posts from This Week:

Ready to bakeCranberry Apple Brie Bites: A quick, fun, and healthy appetiser for all the January parties.

My 2013 Baking Resolutions: My plans for the kitchen in 2013

Most Temptingist Tidbits from 2012: A list of the top ten recipes from Temptation Tuesdays in 2012. I’m so excited about them that I’ve added them to 2013 baking resolutions.

This week’s Most Popular Foodie Post:

hello kittyHello Kitty White Chocolate Caramel Cake: Perfect for little kids parties and adults too, really anyone that likes white chocolate and caramel…

Tempting Tidbits from other blogs:

vegan-blueberry-muffin_thumbSingle Serving Blueberry Muffin (Chocolate Covered Katie): Can’t wait to try this. One of my absolute fav things is a blueberry muffin and I just found some frozen blueberries at the store this week. Something tells me that this one won’t be on my “to bake” list very long =p

dessert-pizza1-jpg-450x319Apple Cinnamon Streusel Dessert Pizza (Mel’s Kitchen Cafe): Looking for a hot winter dessert to follow the wonders of bread and melted cheese on pizza and games night? Look no further!

dsc_0042Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars with Cookie Dough Frosting (The Domestic Rebel): A recipe do-over – gotta respect that. Can’t wait to try. I love my cookie dough… and now I don’t have to feel guilty about the uncooked eggs.

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