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Foodie PenPal January (plus Crumb Cake!)


It’s that time of month again, one of my favourite times of month. The time when my doorbell rings unexpectedly and the mailman hands me a mysterious looking package. Much like Christmas, I look it up and down; I shake it; and I try and guess what wonders might be inside. The fun-shaped boxes have yet to disappoint. This time my Foodie PenPal is Vickie from the South West of England. And this time the doorbell rang when I was in the middle of a haircut (my hairdresser makes house calls – how cool is that?!). I ran downstairs with clips and smock still attached. The mailman looked at me funny, but he handed me my magical mystery parcel. It killed me but I had to wait till after the haircut to rip into the package. Patience is a virtue… or at least that’s what they tell me. Haircut done – it was game time…

penpal packageThe package came along with a letter. She forgot to put it in the package, mailed it in a letter and it arrived at exactly that same time. That blew my mind. There was all sorts of fun stuff in this package. There was a cox apple, some Glastonbury cheese, Cadbury cream eggs (oh YUM!), a naked bar, marmite crisps, and homemade honeycomb. I’ve never had honeycomb before. It’s excellent – though I’m not sure my dentist would agree =p

FPP lootI dug into the cream eggs pretty quickly. The naked bar actually did taste like banana bread and was perfect as a healthy snack to stash in my purse. I discovered I’m not a marmite fan, but I know plenty of people who are. So those chips won’t be wasted. I tasted the apple and it was delicious. So I decided to share it and cross another recipe off my “to bake” list: Apple Cinnamon New York Crumb Cake.

apple cinnamon crumb cake

I can highly recommend it. I followed the crumb and apple recipe to a T. To make the cake a bit healthier, I replaced the butter with greek yoghurt and a touch of oil. It turned out light and fluffy; the apples were brilliant and the crumb was awesome. Plus it had just the right cake to crumb ratio. Why do people always skimp on the crumb? Well, whatever the reason, there’s no scrimping here.

I tasted the cheese and it is some good cheddar. I have plans for it, wonderful plans… tehee.

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4 comments on “Foodie PenPal January (plus Crumb Cake!)

  1. AmyZ, PhD
    January 31, 2013

    What a fun idea! I love it all (except I am also not a marmite fan).
    btw-your story inspires me and after months of thinking about it, I finally posted my thoughts in my latest blog entry.

    • Jessi
      January 31, 2013

      Thanks – I can definitely recommend signing up for FPPs. I just read your post (and left a reply). I totally understand what you’re going through. It’s a tough choice. I applaud your candour. My vote – move to Colorado. In the end, the people matter more than the job…

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