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My 2013 Resolutions

National Organisation Month is officially over and so it’s time to share with you my 2013 resolution. You already know a few of them…

  1. I want to do a pull up

    (especially now that I’ve finished my pushup challenge)upside down pull up

  2. I want to try fasting

    They plan is to try at least one day a week for at least a month. It’s not a total fast, but more of a Daniel fast, (or if you want to look at if from the social science perspective a 5/2 fast, though I’m going for 6/1). I’m doing for both faith and health reasons (not weight-loss, but general health) Structure-wise, I’ve decided to do one day a week with a 600-800 calorie goal. On that day, I try to restrict myself to healthy food only – fruit, veggies, lean meats, etc, but for the moment I’m not terribly strict about that. So far I’ve done two weeks successfully, though I’ve noticed a bit of a rebound effect on the other days. I’ll let you know how the experiment goes.

  3. I want to do something special and fun for my 30th birthday

    – Any suggestions? It’ll be here soooon (like real soon, like Thursday soon…)

  4. Read the Bible in a year

    This year I’ve chosen the thematic plan. I’ve done this for the last couple years and it’s become my breakfast habit. I really like it and want to try and keep it up.

  5. Journal everyday*

    – Last year I tried meditation, but I just couldn’t get into it. My mind wondered; I got distracted; I got frustrated. I tried to increase the time incrementally, but it never got easier and it never seemed to help. So this year I thought I’d focus on another technique with equally strong scientific backing – journalling. I’ve kept an intermittent prayer journal since I was about 12. Sometimes I’ve been super consistent, others it’s been really hit and miss, but it’s always been a help to me. In Professor Richard Wiseman’s book 59 Seconds, he outlines research that shows how journaling results in a “remarkable increase in both psychological and physical well-being.” Where talking can be disorganised and chaotic, writing encourages the formation of a storyline that helps people make sense of a situation and work towards a solution. Furthermore, writing gratitude points had an immense effect on study participants, who ended up happier and healthier. So with evidence from recent social science and anecdotal evidence from my own life, I’ve decided to make a point of journaling everyday this year with the hope of improving both my well-being and my prayer life. *everyday we’re home and don’t have house guests. 

  6. Complete baking goals
  7. Complete DIY goals

    I’ve yet to write this post. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to do, but the truth is that 2013 is going to be more about managing renovations then my own little DIY projects. There’s painting I want to do and wallpaper I want to remove, and a  strange fake plant planter that I want to turn into a bench. But I just can’t plan it. It all depends on the asbestos removal (part 1), the roof redo, the post asbestos 1 renovation, and asbestos removal part 2. So for now, my DIY goal is not to go crazy with the renovations, to manage them well, and to use all the packing and unpacking I have to do for the asbestos work to de-clutter and organise the house.

  8. Make No Seconds 2.0 a real habit
  9. Beat my 20k time.

    – In 2010 I started running and ran my first 20k (Brussels iconic run). This year (if I can get a ticket – there’s 30,000 and they sell out in less than an hour), I want to try and beat my time. Someday I’d like to do it in under 2 hours, but for now I just want to do better than last time.20k photo

  10. And for an even 10, my last resolution is to be more positive – to practise looking on the bright side.

    – I’ve got a post coming up for you about the “As If” principle, but (spoilers) the basic principle is that if you start to act “as if” you were a certain way, you’ll start to be that way. In other words, your brain and your behaviour will adapt accordingly. Basically, it’s the science behind “fake it till you make it”. I’m naturally a bit of a pessimist (I would say I’m a realist, but then again so would most pessimists =p) so this year I’m trying to look on the bright side in the hope that it’ll spark my inner optimist. I’ll share some strategies for doing this in the “as if” post, but for now, let’s just say things are looking up =D 

And now you…

Now that January is nearly over and you’ve had time to think, what are your resolutions for 2013? Big, small, anti-resolution, I’d love to hear them. Leave a comment and start the conversation! Plus if you have any suggestions for my 30th – I’m all ears!!!

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8 comments on “My 2013 Resolutions

  1. AmyZ, PhD
    February 4, 2013

    You probably don’t know Frayed Laces (she’s an awesome Ironwoman/blogger) but her 30th birthday is the same as yours. She just blogged about it and she has plenty of ideas (but she is very hard-core). Here it is:

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