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Eat Better, Feel Fitter – February Healthy Living Challenge

January was rough, I’m not going to lie. Getting back into routine after a holiday that was anything but, coming back to sickness, visits, roof leaks, trying to start the fasting thing, trying to catch-up… it just didn’t work. But I’m not giving up. Making No Seconds 2.0 a solid habit is still very much a resolution of mine. To that end, my February healthy living goal is to continue my No Seconds challenge with the help of SparkPeople and their “Eat Better, Feel Fitter” Challenge. If you want to join the challenge, just click the image below to sign up.


Part of choosing to eat better is understanding why we eat what we eat in the first place. Blogger and researcher  does a great job explaining the mechanism. Not surprisingly, it’s a bit complex.

Model of food intake behavior

My 30 days to 30 No Seconds streak was a bit of a bust. Through January the longest streak I had was 3 days. I kept starting, but I kept falling too. My healthy challenge for February is to try and reinforce the habit, practise saying no to seconds until it becomes second nature. Concretely the goal is to get a streak of at least 7 days and to have an overall total of 21 days – 75% of the month. So far, it’s going well, though at the moment it still feels like a tall order, but you never succeed if you don’t try – so here we go.

And now you…

What are you going to do this month to “Eat Better and Feel Fitter”?

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