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Foodie PenPals – Afternoon Tea in a Box


It’s Foodie PenPal Time!! The time of surprise packages, fun foods, and getting to try new things. This time, my package comes from Isobel. She lives in Devon, UK and she has two blogs. One is full of some pretty cool art. The other is more foodie fun. She sent me some pretty cool things. Check it out:

Foodie PenPal

There are Crunchie Bars. I’d never had those before. It’s chocolate covered honeycomb. They tasted like a honey version of a Butterfinger. And you know how much I love Butterfinger. Then there was fudge, yummy yummy vanilla fudge. And the rest of the box was something particularly special:

afternoon tea

Afternoon tea in a box! I’ve had a couple of Afternoon teas for special occasions with my in-laws in London. (Like the time we had sandwiches in Sandwich) It’s lots of fun  – the tiny crustless sandwiches, the scones, the cakes. This was the first time i’ve had it at home, and certainly the first time I had it delivered. It was pretty cool!

Isobel packed everything I needed: scones (and man, her’s were good!), tiny jars of jam (super super cute), tea, and even clotted cream. The cream is a speciality of Devon. Apparently it was also a main component of the fudge – I’m going to have to get the recipe.

I sent my package over to Stacey at  Nobody Said it Was Easy. Go check it out =)


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