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What’s your reason? Avoiding Arthritis

It’s been awhile and so I think we need another reason. Here in Brussels, our week of Spring-like weather has turned back to cold and snow, which though beautiful, can kill motivation.


I’m still training for the Brussels 20k with the goal of beating my previous time, but getting off my butt and into my exercise gear when I’m all warm and cozy on the couch under a slanket and a cat can be a challenge (especially when they give you their sad face, awww)!


And when motivation is low, it’s always helpful to have lots of reasons to lace up those sneakers. So today I have another reason for you (and me) to get up off the couch, get moving, and shed that winter weight. Ready for this? … exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can prevent arthritis. As I’ve written about before, running helps preserve your joints (per a new study, those with the lowest arthritis rates were running 7-21 miles a week). It strengthens your muscles, keeps you flexible, and preserves your balance. New studies are even suggesting that it helps thicken cartilage layers, something previously thought impossible. Exercise also slows the detrimental effects of aging, both of which reduce the chances of having problems with arthritis.

Obviously though, being fit isn’t the only factor in arthritis problems, weight matters too. Any extra weight you carry , puts additional stress on your joints. For example, for every extra kilo you carry, you’re putting about 4kg of extra strain on your knees. It’s scary, but it’s just gravity… or at least so we thought. Recent studies have revealed that it is not just the weight of those extra pounds causing the problem. It turns out that fat cells don’t just hang around. They are metabolically active, releasing signals to the surrounding tissue that it’s time to swell. The joints seem particularly attentive to these endocrine signals, which over time leads to the development of osteoarthritis.

I don’t know about you, but I have some serious arthritis in my family tree. Having seen exactly how debilitating it is, I definitely want to avoid it. So, I guess it’s time to get moving…

How about you?

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