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Bakemasters March – Colouring Eggs!

Happy Easter Collage from bakemasters

Bakemasters March was all about Easter – Easter eggs that is. When I was a kid we’d do this every year. My mom would line the counter with newspaper and pull out the food colouring, hot water, and vinegar. Then my siblings and I would line the counter and pick our colours. The food colouring only came in the three primary colours: red, yellow, and blue. So in addition to a fun craft, for my mom, ever the teacher, it was also a learning opportunity.

red + blue = purple

red + yellow = orange

blue + yellow = green

And then of course there’s the one we tried every year – mix them all together and get??? BROWN =p We never learned, brown makes for one ugly egg!!! My favourites were blue, purple, and green. Sometimes I’d even mix the blue and green and get a sort of teal. Don’t go too crazy though – brown is always one drop of food colouring away. You’ve been warned!

Well, I’m not a kid anymore, but that doesn’t mean that I have to leave these traditions behind. Two years ago Bakemasters  picked up the torch and I started colouring eggs with friends. These were my eggs two years ago:


Notice I’m still a fan of the blue, green, and purple =) I found these great dye packs at my supermarket. Instead of dipping the eggs, you cover your hands with gloves, put a bit of the dye in your hands and rub the egg around in it. They make for brighter and more vibrant colours than the food colouring of my youth. Still, one thing remains the same – mix them all together and get BROWN =p

So, what about you?

Are you colouring eggs this year? What are your favourite Easter traditions? Are you going to do an Easter egg hunt?



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