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New Year’s Resolution Check-Up: The Pull Up Challenge

New Year's Resolution Check-Up

This edition of New Year’s Resolution Check-Up is about resolution number 1 – do a pull-up. I know I’m not strong and if you remember correctly I’m not a fan of strength training. But after I finished last year’s 25 push up challenge, I decided to tackle a goal that’s been plaguing me since the elementary school Presidential Fitness Program. Anybody remember that and the ridiculous torture box they had for the stretch and reach part? All I had to do to pass was one pull up, and I never managed. Thank goodness for the flexed arm hang – that saved me in middle school.

Anyway, knowing my lack of upper body strength I knew I needed a plan. It started with the Total Gym. I would do as many pull ups as I could and slowly increase each week (just like I did with the push-ups). It seemed to be working. I was getting stronger, but progress was slow. And as the asbestos work took over the house other priorities pushed it out of the way and I got out of the habit.Total Gym pull up

The habit was rejuvenated a bit with the purchase of a pretty cool rubber band, certainly the biggest that I’ve ever seen… The idea is that you stick your knee or foot into it and use it to help you pull your self up. You increase the reps until you don’t need the band anymore.

rubber band

So, how’s it going? Well, I still need the band and I need to get back into the habit, but I am making progress. 6 months to go, hopefully one unassisted pull up coming up =)
pull up


How are your fitness challenges going? I’d love to hear all about it!


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