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New Year’s Resolution Update – Renovations

Hi Everybody. I hope you’re enjoying a great Summer. Hubby and I just spent two weeks in the States with family and friends. It was good to relax and visit with everybody, but now it’s back to work… for me and the contractors. Today it all started again – the roof 2.0.

If you remember, we had a bit of a saga with our roof last Autumn. Long story short, we both found asbestos and have to completely redo the insulation job =( Today, after much planning, much researching, and much organising, the roof work is finally starting. Their first task will be to get rid of everything that’s up there. And then next week they can start insulating with a blank slate.

roofers getting started

Up they go. It seems this time will be less intrusive, as they’re using a lift instead of scaffolding. I have to say I appreciate that and I know the cat does too. She doesn’t like flying humans =p. Anyway, they’ve gotten straight down to it this morning and they’ve even been considerate about the dust – always a good sign.

covering up the hat

I’ll keep you updated as things progress, but in the meantime here’s a little bit about how the renovation project has been going in general…

measuring stairs

First of all, there’s been lots of planning and measuring. We’ve had countless meetings with the architect and contractors, gone through a dozen versions of the plans, and gotten lots of estimates. Hubby brings a measuring tape with him everywhere now, just in case we see something we might like to incorporate.
bathroom tiles

As the renovations include 2 new bathrooms, we’ve also spent a decent amount of time thinking about tiles and fixtures. The current plan is to keep things simple, with a little touch of something different. I love a border made of tiny little tiles. What do you think? Any tips on showers, toilets, sinks, vanities? Have you done a bathroom reno? Anything you LOVE or would change if you could? All comments welcome – renovation choices can be overwhelming!checking out bathroom fixtures

Of course in amongst the planning there’s also been little tasks for me to deal with, like pulling nails and staples out of the stairs. With the first part of the asbestos work, they removed the old carpet from the stairs and we were happy to find decent wood flooring underneath. Once they left though, it was up to me to make them safe for walking – a stray nail = a big ouch!

Detacking the Stairs - 1 There were loads of nails and staples, and some of them were pretty stubborn! As with anything, patience and persistence is key – just like I learned with last year’s wallpaper project.

Detacking the Stairs - 3

As our vacation neared, the work started to move from the planning to the concrete. In order for the roof work to start, we needed a couple of structural beams added (so that cutting out skylights wouldn’t be a problem). But in order to get the beams into the house, a couple of bits of wall had to go…

And the walls come down... - 03

Here it is before…

new bedroom door

And here it is after… That’s going to be our bedroom door eventually =) And now those beams…

And the walls come down... - 09

Before…And the walls come down... - 30

After…beams in place

As you can see renovation craziness continues, but Hubby and I are both really excited about how it’s all going to turn out. I’ll do my best to keep you updated as the weeks and months roll on. And as far as the New Year’s Resolution of staying sane through it all goes, I’m pretty much managing to keep my head =-)

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