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La Rentrée

Well, it’s been almost a month since my last post and nearly a month and a half since the workmen started in earnest. I’m just about managing my New Year’s Resolution of staying sane during the renovations. Here’s a couple of quick pictures to give you an idea of the chaos.

Down with walls...

Down with walls…

P1030098 P1030114

Up with walls.

Up with walls.

Out with old bathroom...

Out with old bathroom…

Bye bye old pipes...

Bye bye old pipes…

Digging a skylight...

Digging a skylight…

Hello light...

Hello light…



So yeah, just about hanging on to my sanity… though in desperate need of sleep! Another challenge of the any stressful period like this is maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to keep exercising and to keep the comfort eating down to a minimum. So far I’m on an 18 day no binge streak, whohoo.

Here in Belgium, tomorrow is La Rentrée, or “back to school” day, traditionally a time to get back into routine and back on track. For all of you, who like me could use a little reminder, here’s a great “back to school” infographic from The Best Colleges. It’s designed for college students, but I think it’s good reminder for us all.

The Best Regimen for College Fitness


Happy Back to School everybody =) Here’s to a great start to the school year as I try to keep calm and carry on here in renovation land =p


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