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National Cake Decorating Day

I have to apologise. I’ve been sucked into the black hole of house renovations and the blog has slipped to the back burner.

renovations - lives covered in plastic

Our lives covered in plastic =)

renovations plastic

I've been measuring twice...

I’ve been measuring twice…

... because sometimes the contractor has forgotten to

… because sometimes the contractor hasn’t bothered…

like with these lights =(

like with these lights =(

Anyway, all that’s for another day. Today is about CAKE….  my daily holiday email reminded me that today is National Cake Decorating Day and I just couldn’t let that slip. In the midst of the crazy, running and baking have helped keep me sane. So when my friend asked if I would make cakes for her twins’ birthday, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

This year the twins wanted T-rex and My Little Pony.  I’m no expert, but here’s my contribution to National Cake Decorating Day. Happy holiday to you =) I did them as puzzle cakes – baking a square, cutting out and piecing together a pattern (for more on that, see the link to the fish cake below)



Ready to fly over the rainbow...

Ready to fly over the rainbow…

Speaking of rainbow… remember how I said running and baking was helping to keep me sane. Well, in addition to training, I’ve run three little races: a ladies run for cancer (9k), the Brussels Mini Marathon (4k – yes we like weird distances), and my first Color Run. If you’ve never done an event before or if you’re a long time running fanatic, this event is just too much fun to pass up…

bruxelloise 13

La Bruxelloise (Ladies run for cancer)

color run color run color blast color run fooling around

And if you’re looking for other fun cake decorating posts, check these out…

rocket ship cake

Rocket Ship

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty






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