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2013 Resolution Report Card

New Year's Resolution Check-Up

It’s hard to believe another year has passed. Still I’m excited about the year to come… Before I jump ahead, let’s look back and see how I did with my 2013 resolutions. It’s report card time – eek =p

Here’s how it went…

1.I want to do a pull up

Total Gym pull upSadly, this was about as far as I got. I was doing really well until the garage (read – our weight room) became a store room for dust and the workmen’s tools. Then I got seriously off track. I picked it up again towards the end of the year, as we were able to reclaim the space. But not enough to accomplish an unassisted pull up. That means this one’s a FAIL =(

2. I want to try fasting

I tried this one once a week for a little over a month. I’m glad I did the experiment, but it didn’t work for me. Instead of making me more mindful, it led me more to a binge and bust cycle that took awhile to get out of. Still WIN for the try!

3. I want to do something special and fun for my 30th birthdayblueberry wafflesHere’s a picture of the waffles I made with the waffle maker I got for my birthday. The day itself, though not terribly exciting, was super fun. Hubby took the day off and took me out for a pizza lunch. Then a couple friends came over to play board games and over-indulge in cake and ice cream. You can’t go wrong with pizza, cake, and ice cream. I’m calling this a WIN!

4. Read the Bible in a year biblestudytoolsUsing the website I completed 3 plans: thematic bible, New Testament in 3 months, the Christmas reading. It’s become my breakfast routine and I really like it. WIN!

5. Journal everyday  
I used Evernote. (If you haven’t tried the app, I would highly recommend it.) For the first few months of the year I was really winning on this goal and it was doing me a whole lot of good. I find writing things out to be really good stress relief. But as things got busier, and then as we moved down into the basement for the asbestos work, I got less and less consistent. =( So I’m calling this one 50/50 – half WIN, half FAIL (Would that make it a WAIL? or maybe a FIN?)

6. Complete Baking Goals mushroom lasagnaHere’s a picture of one of them – Brown Eyed Baker’s Mushroom Lasagna, yum yum. This is another wail I think. Did I make 7 layer bars? Yes. Did I make pretzel rolls? Yes. Did I make scones, bagels, or use my cookie press? Um, not so much. How about the 10 “tempting tidbits” recipes I wanted to try? I tried the White Pizza Dip from How Sweet It Is (awesome!), the Cookie Dough Fondue from Crazy for Crust (calorie bomb here we come), the Mushroom Lasagna from Brown Eyed Baker (all I can say is WOW, go make this NOW), the No-Bake Stuffed Cookie Dough Bites from Picky Palate (I mean really you can’t go wrong with cookie dough), the Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups from In Katrina’s Kitchen (just like the candy!), and the Pan Fried Pizza from New York Times (excellent crispy crust). 6 out of 10, not bad. Another WAIL =)

7. Stay sane in the renovations renovations plasticOne of many, many, many renovation pictures! After months of planning and permits, the asbestos removal started in April. By May, beams were going up to support the roof for skylights. And in July the works became an everyday full on kinda project. There was dust, noise, and chaos pretty much non-stop till October when things slowed down a little bit and one of our contractors went bankrupt – oh the fun. Happily, we have an awesome architect who helped us sort everything out. She tried really hard to have enough done for us to be us in our new bedroom by Christmas, and she almost did it. The light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine. With any luck this phase will be 99% done by my birthday. Now, the real question… have I managed to stay sane? Well I cut back on the blogging and definitely didn’t get enough sleep. But thanks to a running, baking, and a wonderful hubby, sanity was maintained. I’m calling this a WIN!

8. Make No Seconds 2.0 a real habit Healthy Living ChallengeThis one was no doubt a huge challenge. After my fasting experiment and the binge and bust cycle that followed, slowing down and savouring my food wasn’t easy. Lack of sleep and stress from the renovations didn’t help. But I kept trying, figured out my triggers, established healthy habits, and I got better as the months went on. Cookie Monster was great motivation =-) No, I’m still not totally there, but at least now I have a kitchen safe to help me. Mostly WIN!

9. Beat my 20k time diplome20km2013I may not be super fast, but I beat my previous time by almost 20 minutes. I’ll take it! Win!

10. Become more positive color run color blastI don’t know. This one is hard to measure. If nothing else, I can certainly say I had fun this year – just check out the color run (above picture). And this despite the fact that 2013 has not been easy. In an effort to continue to see the glass as more than half full, I’m going to call this one a WIN =)

And that’s it, 2013 in a nutshell. Not all A’s, but not bad going either. I think I’ll give the year a WIN too!

Stay tuned for my 2014 Resolutions…

Are you making resolutions this year? How’d you do in 2013?


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