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2014 Resolutions

Here goes, my resolutions for 2014…
Health and Fitness resolutionsLike a lot of people, I think January is a great time for starting fresh. Let’s face it, the holidays are a big disruption in routine, not to mention a great time to indulge. January is always full of great intentions, but trying to do too much too fast can mean that no good habits are established. Me, I typically do pretty well through Christmas. I indulge, sure. I just don’t go too crazy. The hard part for me is January/February. In January I fail to establish a good routine. I try, but my willpower is sapped from the holidays. Continued bad behaviour usually leads to a cold, which kills my willpower and stops me exercising. Then February rolls around and with it lots of good reasons for cake – my birthday, Valentine’s day, Hubby and my anniversary (the church one), World Nutella Day… and well, that’s where things tend to fall apart. I keep putting the good habits off to “tomorrow” Before I know it too many “tomorrow”s add up to me spending the Spring (and sometimes longer) trying to make up for lost time =(

This year I’m determined to do better, and I have a few scientifically tested strategies to help me along the way:

  1. (Re)build habits slowly- Instead of trying to reinstate all the good habits at once, I’m trying to do it a piece at a time. Get back to walking, then up my running. Add some vegetables, then try and reduce dessert (never eliminate – the dessertitarian in me just couldn’t do it =p)
  2. Log it- The act of monitoring itself is enough to improve behaviour. I’m using tools like MyFitnessPal and my Basis Band (I’ll be writing more on this soon) to keep an eye on what I’m doing so that I can’t deceive myself into believing I’m being good when I’m not.
  3. Don’t do it alone- Both hubby and I are trying to reinstate healthy habits. That camaraderie helps a lot. But the blogging community is good too. To help keep me motivated, I’m following Carrots N Cake in her Get Healthy Stay Healthy Challenge. I just finished week one, which was food logging. Week 2’s challenge is to try and get in 4 workouts. I think I can do it =)
  4. Leave as little to willpower as possible- The truth is is that willpower is a scarce resource. When you’re tired, stressed, or there are too many other things using it up, it’s just not going to cut it. In that (all too common) instance, you need something else, like good habits and a kitchen safe =p

So, with that it’s time for my 2014 health and fitness resolutions…

  1. Establish good habits early and not gain weight in January/February. Go into the Spring feeling healthy and strong.
  2. Up my NEAT (None Exercise Activity Time) and aim to get 10k steps a day
  3. Strengthen my core with 10 min pilates every work day AND take pilates class (starting in February in keeping with the don’t try to start everything all at once principle)
  4. For my mental and spiritual health- journal again
  5. Improve our family’s nutrition- cook more fish, lentils, and beans! Once a week at least for each of those things. 🙂

baking resolutions

Like I’m sure many of you, I like to bookmark recipes. I wonder along the interwebs and read through blogs, pulling out things that look tempting. I like to put them in a spreadsheet as I go (yes I know, organisation freak here!). In 2013, I bookmarked 214 recipes and tried 115 new-to-me recipes, WOW! (Read my top ten favourites here). But now it’s January – National Organisation Month. And I know that loads more recipes will hop on my list in the year to come.  So, I’m following the same rule with my recipes as I do with my closet: if I haven’t worn it in a year, out it goes. With my recipe spreadsheet, that translates to – if I haven’t made it in 2013, cull it. The list will get 10 or so saves, and my absolute “must makes” of those will become baking goals for 2014. The culling is not easy. A first pass brought me to 56. After a second look… And now after much anguish, here it is, my list of 2014 baking goals. The 10% that made it to next year…

And everything else

  1. Blog again – I’ve missed doing it and I’ve missed the interaction with readers and other bloggers. Here’s my promise to try and get you a new post at least once a week.
  2. As self-proclaimed Keeper of the Memories – email a picture a week to family and see if they’ll do the same 🙂
  3. Since good social ties with family and friends is a secret of happiness and we live far away from a lot of our most cherished people -FaceTime or Skype someone every week AND keep writing my gram

And what about you?

Any resolutions this year? Any strategies or tips to keep those resolutions going?

8 comments on “2014 Resolutions

  1. Eleenie
    January 8, 2014

    I’ve resolved to do more blogging this year too and to push my writing to a new limit. I enjoyed reading the strategies for good health, I definitely need to re-read those again 🙂

  2. EmmaNutrition
    January 10, 2014

    Sounds good, I’m all about planning my time well and strengthening my core

    • Jessi Mouqué
      January 10, 2014

      Thanks Emma! When push comes to shove and I run out of time, I tend to favour cardio. This year I’m going to try and make time for core work too. If you have any tips on making sure it gets done, I’d love to hear them.

      • EmmaNutrition
        January 27, 2014

        Im the same, cardio seems to be a default setting. Maybe its my age! I do try to do my core work at home without pressuring myself on what to wear so that removes one barrier. It seems to require more brain capacity though than mindless cardio…

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