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Resolution Update

I promised you an update, so here’s how it’s been going…

Health and Fitness resolutionsA certain amount of success here.

  1. Establish good habits: I struggled in January, but made a real comeback this month. I’m only 2 days away from a binge-free February. Whohoo!
  2. Up my NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Time) and get 10k steps a day: I’ve been doing really well with this one. Though I didn’t get over 10k steps every single day, I did get an average of over 10k steps a day by the end of each week, that is to say that if I had one short day in the week, I made sure to have extra steps on other days to make up for it. My longest streak so far is 20 days in a row, YAY!
  3. Strengthen my core: Well, I signed up for that pilates class and so far I’m loving it. I’ve also started doing Friskis – Swedish aerobics, with some friends. Since those sessions always incorporate core work, I’ve updated my resolution. As long as I do a couple of classes a week, I can skip the 10minutes a day. So far so good here.
  4. Journal again: I’ve done this almost everyday and I find it’s a great way to end my day. I declare this a resolution win!
  5. Cook more fish, beans, and lentils: Yes to the fish. I’ve been cooking salmon at least once a week. Yes to the beans. I’ve tried a couple of recipes that I think I’ll keep. Not so much on the lentils. I’ve made them a couple of times, but this one needs improvement.

baking resolutionsI’ve tried a bunch of recipes so far – I promise I’ll blog them soon, and I’ve knocked 3 recipes off my must-try list, whohoo! I’ll call this another resolution win =)

And everything else

  1. Blog again – Check! Not exactly once a week, but close. It’s been nice to get back on the interwebs. Thanks for reading =)
  2. Take and email pictures – This too hasn’t been quite as once a week and I’d hoped, but I’m taking and emailing more pictures.
  3. I’m also making more FaceTime calls, so I’m happy to call this a win.

How about you?

How are your resolutions going?

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