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Rich Chocolate Cake with Caramel & Cookies Glaze (Gluten & Lactose free)

My first little experiment of the year. I needed a cake for a friend who is gluten & lactose free. I didn’t have any fancy flour and didn’t have time to go to a health store, so I had to find another way. I looked up flourless chocolate cake recipes, but they all required so many eggs. And I really didn’t want anything flan-like. Finally I found a compromise: (in one of my MANY all chocolate cookbooks. I keep getting them as gifts. I can’t explain it =p) an almost flour-less chocolate cake. It only required 1 tbs of flour. I used buckwheat (which I have on hand for pancakes) to keep it gluten free.

Gluten free chocolate cake book

Notice the homemade vanilla. I mixed it together right after Thanksgiving and it started to seem right in January. Gluten free chocolate cake recipe

Here’s the cake recipe – easy peasy and totally yummy. It was dense, but not flan-like.

Gluten free chocolate cake melting butter

And I got to make use of my double boiler, which is always fun…Gluten free chocolate cake baked

Now this yummy cake needs something – a caramel cookie something. I whipped up a batch of my favourite salted caramel and mixed in gluten-free cookie crumbs. Then I just poured it on and suddenly a basic chocolate cake became a decadent treat.Gluten free chocolate cake doneEnjoy the sweet treat!

And now you…

What’s your favourite kind of birthday cake?



2 comments on “Rich Chocolate Cake with Caramel & Cookies Glaze (Gluten & Lactose free)

  1. Aileen
    March 9, 2014

    It looks delicious!

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