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Spring Cupcakes… and yes you really can do what you find on Pinterest

I have some friends who are always impressed with my baked goods. Sometimes I think it’s just the sugar content, but sometimes I actually get things right. The trouble with getting the taste right, is they also expect you to get the decoration right. If you’ve ever seen my attempt at a stick figure, you’ll know I’m no art major, but when friends asked me to do a Spring cupcake night I accepted the challenge. (I know it’s almost Summer – I’m a bit behind =p)

First things first – ask Uncle Google. I used Google images to find my favourites, printed them out and then guessed at the various things used to make them. I avoided cupcakes that looked like sculpted fondant. I’ve told you about my stick figure skills, right? Instead I focused on cupcakes that used candy in interesting ways and worked on my copying skills. Here’s the result. What do you think?

Spring cupcakes

butterfly cupcakesButterfly

bunny cupcakesBunny

sheep cupcakesSheep

birds nest cupcakesBird’s Nest

mom and dad cupcakesCupcake night was also the night we started telling people about the baby and my friends made these for me and hubby. Aren’t they cute?!


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