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Top 3 posts from 2014

As I dive into 2015 with the aim to start blogging again, I want to look back and see what succeeded in 2014 so I can bring you more of it this year. It looks like tasty sweets with a side of fitness is where it at. With no further ado here are your favourite posts published in 2014:
1. Nutella Peanut Butter Pretzel Clusters

2. My Basis Band Review *little update on this one. I still think the Basis Band is an excellent concept, but they started selling it before they were ready. In my opinion, they essentially sold a beta product and then used the data from their new customers to perfect and improve until they got a  market ready product. They’ve just released a new watch – the Peak, which looks to be everything I hoped the Basis Band would be – a exercise ready constant heart rate monitor, sleeker watch, automatic sync. If it is what it says, it should be awesome, but it they’re doing the same thing that they did with the Basis Band, expect it to be buggy. I’m still having sync trouble, which they said they were working on fixing over a year ago. The watch doesn’t change timezones automatically, which it is supposed to do. It often loses my data, and at about the year mark, it stopped syncing with my computer. Now I can only sync with my phone. It’s still a good motivating device and like I say, I love the concept, but it just wasn’t market ready 😦

3. Death Star Cake
imageLeave a comment and let me know if there’s anything you’d really like to see in 2015 and I’ll try and oblige =) Happy New Year!! =)


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