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The Best Speculoos Ice-cream

best speculoos ice cream jar

It’s been a while since I’ve given you an original recipe. This one makes up for all the lost time. I tried it, expecting a decent ice-cream, but fell in love with the result. It’s rich, creamy, and bursting with flavour. Speculoos (Biscoff) is just the thing for a hot humid Summer day. I mean, doesn’t it look yummy?! And it’s even slightly less fat than regular ice-cream. To be completely transparent, I must admit that  it’s triple speculoos ice-cream: speculoos flavoured base, with speculoos cookie crumbs, and a swirl of speculoos spread =) Yes I like my speculoos over the top. But don’t you?best speculoos ice cream canister

What you need…

  • 1.5 cups evaporated milk
  • 1.5 cups cream
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • Splash vanilla
  • 2 tbs Speculoos spread (plus more for swirl)
  • 1/2 cup Speculoos crumbs

What you do…

  1. Mix first 5 ingredients till spread absorbs
  2. Cool in freezer for 20 minutes (not necessary if you remembered to put the can of evaporated milk in the fridge before hand)
  3. Turn in ice-cream maker
  4. Alternate adding scoops of ice-cream with handfuls of Speculoos crumbs to freezer container
  5. Swirl in thin globs of Speculoos spread (you don’t want that to be too thick)
  6. Freeze at least 4 hours

Honestly this is the best Speculoos ice-cream I’ve ever had – even better than Lotus – the original! I think I’ve also found my new favourite Base recipe- creamy and a bit lighter but doesn’t taste it. Get in my belly!

best speculoos ice creamAnd now you….

What’s your favourite ice-cream flavour?

One comment on “The Best Speculoos Ice-cream

  1. Funny Riddles
    August 27, 2014

    Thanks for the idea. What a very edible looking Ice cream.

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